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HOVERAir X1 Drone

The easiest drone you will ever use!

Beatbot AquaSense Pool Cleaner

Meet the Beatbot AquaSense: the world's first Roomba for your pool!

Rayneo Air X2

Cinema sized screen that fits in your pocket

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HOVERAir X1 Drone
HOVERAir X1 Drone

The easiest drone you will ever use!

TCL RayNeo X2 - AR Glasses

Immerse in a virtual world with stunning clarity and comfort

Airback Backpack

This backpack has a vacuumable section for space saving

Beatbot Robot Pool Cleaner

Four paddles and a brushless motor keep your pool sparkling

E-Ink Stock Display

An e-ink display that updates with specified asset prices

AI Voice Recorder

A voice recorder that can remove background sound

Luba 2 Robot Mower

Fire your gardener and replace them with this incredible robot mower

Swytch e-Bike Conversion Kit

An easy to install kit that will literally turn any bike electric

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New Discoveries

Phone Neck Mount

Clip this magsafe phone mount around your neck for POV shots

Obsbot Tiny2Lite

A 4k webcam that has a host of AI features

OBSBOT Tiny2Lite

A compact AI-powered webcam with smooth tracking and 4K resolution.

10.1 Inch Tablet

A 10.1 inch tablet that can do everything and doesn't cost the world

Temu $3 Smart Watch

An unbelievably affordable smartwatch with fitness tracking, notifications, long battery life, and slick design.

KTC - 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

A 27 Inch, QHD, 180Hz Gamer Monitor

Tineco Floor ONE STRETCH

This vacuum efficiently handles wet and dry!

Cuktech 20

210W Powerbank that with enough juice to charge a Mac

Cuktech 10

150W power bank with a screen displaying charge remaining

Flymo Robot Lawnmower

UGreen 65W Charger

Robot charger that is unbelievably fast

Airback Vacuum Backpack

Gte up to 50% more space in your bag with this clever vacuum solution

Airback Vacuum Backpack

Get up to 50% more luggage space by sucking out the air

CUKTECH Portable Charge

Compact, high-capacity portable charger with fast charging and multiple ports for all devices

LCD Headphones

Control your phone remotely using your headphones case

Switchbot Lock Pro

Turn any lock smart with this phone controlled robot

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Weekly newsletter with gadgets, giveawaysand discount codes 👇