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Aqara Smart Home Products

Make your home smart with these clever little gadgets

INNOCN 27 Inch 4K Monitor Computer

A 4k UHD 27 inch gaming monitor that doesn't break the bank...

Obsbot Tiny2Lite

A 4k webcam that has a host of AI features

OBSBOT Tiny2Lite

A compact AI-powered webcam with smooth tracking and 4K resolution.

10.1 Inch Tablet

A 10.1 inch tablet that can do everything and doesn't cost the world

KTC - 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

A 27 Inch, QHD, 180Hz Gamer Monitor

Rayneo Air X2

Cinema sized screen that fits in your pocket

Rayneo Pocket TV

Plug into the Rayneo Air Glasses for the ultimate viewing experience

Plaud Note

AI transcriptions and summaries at the touch of a button

AI Voice Recorder

A voice recorder that can remove background sound

E-Ink Stock Display

An e-ink display that updates with specified asset prices

Novium Hover Pen

Magnets in this pens base cause it to float and defy gravity