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I'm Zach and I'm the boy behind the badger!

I started a TikTok account in November 2020 called theamazonbadger (right in the middle of the pandemic) with an aim to create content around the cool, interesting and whacky things you can buy on Amazon. Since then it's been a crazy ride!  I had to change my name after Amazon threatened to come after me, I've been featured by BuzzFeed and my channels have grown to a community of over 2 million.

I'm now lucky enough to work full time on my content and I'm honestly having the best time doing it! I currently live in London with my identical twin brother and two other mates where I have the Amazon delivery guy working overtime so I can keep making new content. I spend most of my time filming and editing and eating pasta at the Italian restaurant we live above!

I've met so many cool people since starting in November and I really enjoy getting messages from followers, other creators and interesting brands. So if you have any questions, a product you think I should feature or just want to have a chat you can get in touch below!